NY Real Estate Journal Impressed With Wallpaper For Windows

After watching Wallpaper For Windows get rave reviews from attendees (and many exhibitors) of the BuildingsNY 2013 show last month, the editors of New York City’s premiere real estate publication; New York Real Estate Journal (NYREJ) asked us to write an article about stained glass, frosted and decorative window film for their “Ask The Expert” column.

window film demonstration at BuildingsNY trade show
Stained glass, frosted glass and Leaded glass designs demonstrated.
NYREJ is a trade publication so the article was written for property managers, real estate professionals and building owners.  The article discusses:

  • How privacy and decorative films can be used when re-purposing space and resolving issues with new space.
  • How films can be used to add privacy, hide a bad view or add a decorative element to ordinary glass panels.
  • The differences between adhesive-free and adhesive-based films.

The article was published in print and online on May 15.  Read the article Frosted and Stained Glass Alternatives

Pictures of Renee Combs, attendee’s and the Wallpaper For Windows booth at the BuildingsNY 2013 trade show.

Privacy window film discussion at BuildingsNY 2013 trade show
Wallpaper For Windows brand has a number of privacy designs.
Wallpaper For Windows booth featured many product samples.
Privacy films, one-way films, semi-private films and see-thru films were on display.