Doral Sliding Glass Doors Still Look New After 14 Years

We received a facebook post from Carole A. with this picture of her sliding glass doors decorated with the Doral design.

sliders_decorated for 14years with adhesive-free window film
Carole’s sliders have been looking good for 14 years. Doral design by Wallpaper For Windows
She was posting to let people know how much she liked her Doral decorated sliding glass doors AND that she had been enjoying them for 14 years.  “They still look new” she said, “But what is really nice is how easy they are to keep clean.  Even my grand kids don’t get them dirty and they go in and out all the time”.  Smudge resistant and easy to keep clean is one of the benefits most people don’t realize about Wallpaper For Windows Frosted and stained glass designs.  But it is a benefit that everyone appreciates.

The Doral design was introduced in 1996 and is one of Wallpaper For Windows original 4 door patterns.  It has been featured in Better Homes & Garden’s magazine, QVC, the Sky Mall catalog and in numerous newspaper articles.  Over 50,000 glass doors have been decorated with the Doral design over the years.  Like Carole, many owners of storm doors, one-light French doors and sliding glass doors are enjoying the design, the improved privacy and great decorating value  Wallpaper For Windows provides.

If there are other readers of this newsletter who has had their Wallpaper For Windows for a long time, we would love to hear from you also (and get pictures if possible).  You can post them to our facebook Google+, or Pinterest pages.  If you prefer, you can email them to

Some of our favorite Doral pictures:

Doral design on a storm door
Doral trimmed into 3 pieces to cover an 8 ft tall French door