Palm Tree Borders In Stained Glass And Etched Glass Now Availalble

If you like tropical and beach decor, you’ll love the new Palm Tree borders by Wallpaper For Windows.

Stained Glass Palm Tree border on living room window.

These decorative accents are an easy and affordable way to give windows, glass doors and mirrors a stylish new look.

Palm tree borders are available with a stained glass or etched glass look and a horizontal (side to side) or vertical (up and down) orientation.  Each border is available with a clear (see-thru) background or a lite frost privacy background.  Borders are 8 inches x 48 inches and there are two (2) borders in a box.

There are many ways to decorate with a border, some of our favorites are;

  • Sliding glass doors – When used across the middle of sliding glass doors, Palm Tree borders are a good looking way to prevent people from walking into closed doors.
  • Decorating mirrors – Framing a mirror is a quick and easy way to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.    Many people decorate just two (2) sides of a mirror and many people choose to decorate all 4 sides (especially on large mirrors).
  • Windows – There are as many ways to decorate windows as there are types of windows.  For tall windows, use the border vertically on the sides.  For wide windows, horizontal borders along the bottom of the panes is recommended.  If improved privacy is desired, centering a lite frost privacy border on the glass will reduce visibility into a home or office.

These ideas and more ‘in-use’ pictures are available on the Palm Tree Border product pages.  Visit the Etched Glass Palm Tree Border product page or the Stained Glass Palm Tree Border product page for product sizing and use information.