Sea Turtle Reef, Stained Glass Art For Windows And Glass Doors

A green sea turtle glides across a tropical reef teaming with clown fish, blue and yellow tangs, a sea horse, angel fish, butterfly fish and  more in this acclaimed piece of art by Boldwater; of Merritt Island, FL.

Decorating windows and glass doors with the Sea Turtle Reef artwork is like hanging a painting on glass, only better.   For Sea Turtle Reef is stained glass art, light brings the artwork to life in a way that is envied by wall art.  This artwork is produced with Wallpaper For Windows new hi-def stained glass technology, the colors are rich and the reproduction is fine art quality.  A strong metal frame completes the look.

Sea Turtle Reef is produced on Wallpaper For Windows special adhesive-free film which is very easy to apply.  There is no trimming required and Installation will be finished in less than 10 minutes.  The artwork will look great for years and when it is time to redecorate, can be removed in seconds.  Wallpaper For Windows is reusable, the artwork can be removed and reapplied a number of times.

As you can see from the pictures, the artwork is available in 5 sizes, including a 48 inch wide by 90 inch tall size that can completely cover a large piece of glass, or use a size smaller than the glass to decorate without completely blocking the view.

Visit the Sea Turtle Reef product page for more info / to order.