Have A Wallpaper For Windows Design Customized

With Wallpaper For Windows’s new ‘giclee’ print technology, we now have the ability to customize Wallpaper For Windows designs for you. Trimming designs to fit arched windows and door ovals, design resizing/scaling and some color changes are now possible.

Want the medallions in the Monterey Design to be red instead of blue or amber? Easily done. Though the Allure Leaded Glass design is available in 7 colors, you can have the leading lines customized with any color you desire.

The Napa design too large for your small to medium-sized window? Have the design resized to be proportional to your window. Want to decorate your 15 pane French doors with the Savannah design, but prefer the shards of glass to be smaller? Have the Savannah resized and then use the Trim-To-Size service to pre-cut the panes for you. You will enjoy a beautiful new look for your door that was very easy to accomplish.

Having designs customized and trimmed-to-fit door ovals and arched windows is now possible.  In the window covering business, decorating arched windows and the glass ovals in entry doors are two of the most difficult and expensive projects one could undertake.  Wallpaper For Windows new customization program makes decorating these windows easy and very affordable.   You provide the glass measurements and a picture of the window, we make a digital template of the windows shape and after the design is printed, the film is perfectly cut to fit your glass.

If you have an arched window or door with a clear glass oval, it’s time to decorate it with one of Wallpaper For Windows etched glass, frosted glass or stained glass designs.

All designs can be resized and many can have color changes, contact the Wallpaper For Windows office at 800-320-8439 / 321-504-4060 for more detailed information.

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