How to Cover Windows in Front Doors?

This was a question posted on Apartment Therapy from Amy. “How to Cover Windows in Front Door?”

Updated January 22, 2015 to reflect Wallpaper For Windows new custom trimming service for oval shaped windows.

We decided it would be easier to show Amy how her doors could look using a couple of Wallpaper For Windows decorative window film designs.

Until now, trimming decorative film to fit an oval door window has been difficult.  Wallpaper For Windows new Oval Window Trim-to-Size service makes decorating oval windows quick and easy.  You supply Wallpaper For Windows with the measurements of your glass and a picture of the door/window which they use to make a template of your oval.  The design you selected is then printed, cut to size and on it’s way to you in 2-3 business days.  When the film arrives from the factory (Made In USA), it is an easy 5-minute job to decorate your oval window with the adhesive-free static film.

These films really give the entry a decorative element.  All will give the privacy Amy’s looking for, while still letting in the natural light.   Wallpaper For Windows films provide UV protection and will look great for years.

It’s the perfect do-it-yourself product.