WallpaperForWindows.com Goes Bionic

As the first part of EtchArt, LLC’s online expansion, WallpaperForWindows.com has migrated from a run of the mill hosting provider to the lightning quick hosting provided by Bionicwp.com Logo for hosting company bionicwp.com

Larry Cashion, President of EtchArt, LLC, commends bionicwp for the perfect migration and ssl certificate installation that was performed as part of the introductory hosting package. “Bionicwp.com was flawless in moving the DNS to the new server without interrupting our MX service hosting. Which was a big concern in handing over an important company component to Bionicwp”, said Mr Cashion, “Everyone was happy with changeover effort and that the email service was not interrupted”.

Since the move wallpaperforwindows.com has been enjoying much faster response rates for desktops and significantly faster rates for mobile than our previous host provided. “Our visitors and google will both enjoy the faster, more responsive site.”, said Shannon Jingle, Wallpaper For Windows manager. “When Wallpaper For Windows went online in 1998, websites and speeds like these were yet to be imagined.” she added.

Enjoy the new, faster wallpaperforwindows.com anytime and anyplace you are looking to enhance or resolve window and glass door issues.