Contemporary Window Covering – Avalon, A Semi-Private Decorative Window Film

A customer sent us 2 pictures of his windows for a before and after demonstration of the privacy provided by our Avalon semi-private window film.

Before and after demonstration of the Avalaon semi-private window film design.
Before and after Avalon semi-private window film design.

This contemporary design provides privacy with frosted glass combined with clear areas that create the design and which allows visibility through the window or glass door.

They used the Wallpaper For Windows Trim-To-Size service which ensured the designs would be centered and balanced when applied to the windows.  The trim-to-size service is also a great time-saver.  When the film arrives it is ready to be applied to the glass.   Clean the glass.  Then thoroughly wet the glass with a spray bottle filled with water and one or two drops of liquid soap.  Remove the backing paper and apply to the glass.
If the glass is thoroughly wet, the film will ‘float” on the glass as you move it into position.  Once in place, use the free squeegee / smoothing tool to remove excess air and water from under the film.

Windows like you see here will take 5-10 minutes to apply (per pane) and squeegee.

Avalon decorative window film design provides privacy for your home.
Reduce visibility into your home.

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Since 1996, Wallpaper For Windows has been a leader in the decorative and privacy window film industry.  Headquartered in Cocoa, FL where everything is produced and packaged.

A detailed view of the Avalon etched glass design.
A close-up view of the Avalon etched glass design.