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Made-To-Size Replaces Trim-To-Size Service

Transform your living spaces effortlessly with Wallpaper for Windows’ innovative Made-to-Size Service, replacing our previous [...]

Decorating French-Pane Doors Is Now Easy

French or multi-pane doors are popular as both interior and exterior doors. While popular, adding [...]

Frosted & Lite Frost Privacy Film – 54 inch Wide Now Available

For the last 20 years, 48 inches was as wide as Wallpaper For Windows could [...]

Use Window Film Trim To Size Service For French Paned Doors And Windows

In the USA and Canada, the most popular French paned door is the 15-light door.  [...]

People Are Talking About…

Some recent comments via our Ratepoint system.   Beautiful product and service This was a [...]

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A Fan in Brooklyn, NY I want to say I had been looking for a [...]

Customer Reviews Received in August 2011

Approximately one month after we ship an order of Wallpaper For Windows to a customer [...]

Stained Glass Deco Tint’s Available In New Smaller Size

From country to contemporary decorators are now using colored glass to give a designer look [...]

Decorating Ideas for Oversized French Door

Today’s post is from Southern Accents magazine, Best Southern Rooms issue Early 2010 pg 92.* [...]

Decorate Interior Sliding Doors With Colored Glass

This post comes from “Better Homes & Gardens” magazine*, March 2010 issue, pg. 88 These [...]