Decorating Arched Windows

July 27, 2013Updated pictures to include new designs. Updated info about new designs and new  Trim-To-Size service that have been added since original post.

Arched windows are beautiful unless too much sunlight comes through, your neighbors can look into your home through it, the view is not the best or if you just want them to be more decorative than plain clear glass.  You can use Wallpaper For Windows window film to solve any of these problems.  There are now over 50 designs from which to choose.  Frosted and overall patterns that add privacy with a classic yet subtle look.  For stained and leaded glass lovers, there are floral, contemporary, geometric and country designs available that will create an eye-catching window.

Choose a design that has the appearance you want and that controls the light or view as needed. Wallpaper For Windows is an affordable way to give new style to your decor.  Wallpaper For Windows now offers a Trim-To-Size service for arched and half-round windows (or they can be trimmed by the homeowner).  Whether pre-cut or trimmed at home, the adhesive-free film is easy-to-apply and will look great for years.

Biscayne Privacy Stained Glass Window Film
Mandalay See-thru Decorative Window Film















From a plain entryway to a custom stained glass foyer for about $100.  Biscayne Privacy and Mandalay See-Thru are very popular arched windows designs.

Have the film pre-cut and installation will take about about 30 minutes.  Trimming the panel to fit the arched window and sidelights will take 30 – 45 minutes.

Decorating Arched Windows With Sidelights

If your arched window is above a door with 1 or more sidelights, Wallpaper For Windows is the best looking and most affordable option. Arched windows are difficult (and expensive) to cover with blinds or curtains and sidelights even more so.  Below are arched windows and sidelights decorated with etched glass, leaded glass and stained glass designs.

Eden Privacy Sidelights with Eden Semi-Private on    Arch window.
Odyssey Leaded Glass Privacy  with Odyssey Leaded Glass See-Thru
Allure Leaded Glass Privacy in Gold with Mirage Stained Glass on Arch











Many designs are available in both a privacy and semi-private or see-thru version.  This allows the same design to be used even with varying privacy needs between windows and doors.

On the left is the Eden Privacy design on the sidelights and the Eden Semi-Private design on the arched window.  The Odyssey Leaded Glass design creates a look of decorative security in both the see-thru and privacy versions.  And there are many designs with color.  The Allure Privacy design with gold leading lines is very complimentary to the arch window decorated with the Mirage stained glass design.

As you select your design(s), remember to consider the degree of privacy you want on that window or glass door.

Decorating Arched Windows Above Windows

The arched window above a window (or windows) can be decorated by itself, with the same design on the windows underneath or with complimentary designs on the windows underneath.  This arrangement has many of the same issues as decorating arched windows with sidelights.  The degree of privacy needed can vary from top to bottom.  When choosing designs, considering the degree of privacy can be as important as appearance.

If you are looking for complete privacy, you can cover both the bottom and arched parts of your window.

Pebble Privacy & See-Thru Decorative Window Film
Achieve complete privacy with designs like Pebble (See-Thru version shown on top privacy version shown on bottom).
Biscayne Stained Glass Bathroom Window
Atlantis Stained Glass & Mint Deco Tints

With over 50 designs available, there are many, many ways to decorate windows and arched windows that will contribute greatly to your home or office decor.  Odyssey is a new stained glass design that transforms an ordinary window into an a beautiful custom window.

Odyssey Stained Glass Privacy Window Film

When decorating any window, sidelight of glass door, the degree of privacy needed should be considered.   There are frosted and privacy films which offer complete privacy, semi-private films which allow some visibility to the outside while reducing the ability for others to look inside and see-thru films which decorate without blocking the view.

Wallpaper For Windows is easy to trim to size.  But trimming the film to fit an arched window can be a challenge for the average person.  We highly recommend that you use the Trim-To-Size service for arched windows.  The digital cutter that trims the film, always does a good job and it will save you a lot of time and energy.

Enjoy the new look of your arched window.