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Biscayne Stained Glass Decorating Sidelights
Biscayne Stained Glass Decorating Sidelights

Stained glass

Tired of having boring or plain glass sidelights? Want to differentiate your house from every other house in the neighborhood? Want to add some poweful curb appeal for just a little money? Well, adding some pizzazz to your sidelights could be the answer! If you want to keep light and views but also want to add some interest and elegance to your sidelights, try adding see-through etched or stained glass panels.

Matching Glass Door

Eden Etched Glass Oval and Sidelights
Eden Etched Glass Oval and Sidelights

If you have a glass door that you have decorated, then chances are you want your sidelights to correspond to your door. For example, this door was decorated with a simple Eden centerpiece.  Adding Eden to the sidelights coordinates to create a custom entry.

Wallpaper For Windows has a number of patterns that beautifully decorate doors and sidelights.   How you choose to decorate your door and sidelights will depend upon your decor and personal taste, but there is definitely something for everyone!

Add Privacy To Sidelights

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Desire for privacy is the primary reason people cover their sidelights (and sidelight/glass door combinations).  It’s at the entrance to your home so it must look good.  Wallpaper For Widnows is the easy and smart way to decorate sidelights and glass doors.  Curtains and blinds are difficult to use in these areas and often cost hundreds of dollars.  These decorative window films usually cost less than $85 to cover a door and sidelight and to cover just a sidelight is $30 or less.   Many more designs available on the website.

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