Decorate Bedroom Windows With Tranquil Colors

Today’s post is from Southern Accents magazine, Best Southern Rooms issue Early 2010 pg 18.*

Adding cool and neutral colors to the glass of this bedroom window contributes to this designers goal of creating a bedroom that is a soothing and comfortable private sanctuary in a new and special way.

Here we demonstrate looks that can be used on windows with a nice view and decorating ideas for bedroom windows that need privacy and/or to hide an unfortunate view.

Made by Wallpaper For Windows, these decorative and privacy window films are a great value and an easy do-it-yourself project with beautiful results.

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The following colors are available in the Deco Tint Decorative Window Film collection. Each color is available in a see-thru and privacy version, click a color for details.

2 thoughts on “Decorate Bedroom Windows With Tranquil Colors

  1. Serena Marie says:

    I have a question about the sky blue color.

    I stumbled upon this idea of tinting or coloring the windows in my house (mainly for the upcoming winter) in my head, basically, so I thought, only to find out- happily- that it’s already out there!!! Here’s the deal, we live on a lake in Minnesota and in the spring, summer, and fall have gorgeous views and colors of nature out our windows. In the winter we get blinding light reflecting off the endless stark white snow, dead-looking trees, and when not blinding light reflected off the white snow it’s that reflecting off the completely clouded white sky or GRAY GRAY GRAY skies.

    So now my question is- with that type of day light, or lack thereof, how does that effect the sky blue tint? Does it just make it a darker dull blue stuck on the window?

    Or another question would be, what color/tint might you suggest? My thought or hope is I could find something that would be like the sunny blue sky of summer, rather than the dreary cold sky of winter.


    • Design Team says:

      Hello Serena,

      We are happy you found Wallpaper For Windows, and our Deco Tint Colored Films.
      The Sky Blue color is like the sunny summer clear Blue Sky.

      Our Deco Tint film colors look the same from inside or outside. Just like real colored glass, you will enjoy the slight shade variation during different lighting conditions.
      The See-Thru versions add color to the glass while “softening” the view. The Privacy Deco Tint’s have all the benefits and privacy of frosted glass.

      All the Wallpaper For Windows products let a natural diffused light through while filtering out 95% of the UV rays.
      These adhesive-free films are easy to trim to size, easy to apply, and easy to keep clean (resists fingerprints and smudges).
      They are warranted to look great for years, and when it’s time to redecorate, can be removed in less than a minute (and reused too).

      If you would like to see a sample please email or contact us at 800-320-8439 with your mailing address.

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