Why Wallpaper For Windows is Phthalate-Free

A recent article on MSNBC.com provides a wealth of information about the health hazards of phthalates and their use in vinyl flooring and wallpapers. If decorative and privacy window films were as commonly used as flooring and wallpaper, they would have been included because cheap vinyl films also contain phthalates.

Wallpaper For Windows is unique in the decorative and privacy window film market because our vinyl film is phthalate-free. Just like the foreign toy manufacturers, foreign vinyl film manufacturers just want to make the product cheaply because price is all that matters to the buyers for the big US store chains.

Made in the USA and primarily sold in North America, Wallpaper For Windows is made with a premium phthalate-free vinyl film. Our friends and family have Wallpaper For Windows all over their homes and businesses and we sleep well knowing that they and all of the Wallpaper For Windows customers are benefiting from our decision to make the product right instead of cheaply.

There aren’t any labeling requirements to identify the amount of phthalates contained in a product, so don’t expect any manufacturer to identify their films phthalate content. But know that if its cheap and foreign made, it probably contains phthalates.