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Sandstone Deco Spots

Master bedroom suites are a huge selling point in homes today. Over the years, the trends have changed. Sliding glass doors opening to private patios are now commonplace in master suites. Bathrooms have become mini-spas. The “soaking tub” or “garden tub” standard in new homes is designed with a huge window over the tub, allowing you to bathe in both water and light. Showers are clear glass enclosures showcasing decorative tile work in glass, porcelain or stone.

We’re being seduced by home decorator magazines featuring these fabulous master suites. Photos of tubs overlook glorious ocean views. Bedroom sliding glass doors open to lush tropical gardens. Showers show a tastefully positioned torso, glistening with drops of water and shaped like Heidi Klum without angel wings. Could that be you?

Great for sliders! Ruby Red shown

Yeah, good luck with that! About 12 lucky people and Seal have those master suites. The rest of us overlook the neighbor’s swing set, the community dumpster or a duplicate bathroom window of the one neighbor who looks like Winston Churchill! With lot sizes getting smaller each year, do you really want to be that familiar with Winston Churchill in a bath towel? I’m thinking “Not so much”.

Heavy window draperies look out of place in most contemporary decor. Blinds and shutters are expensive and have to be dusted and maintained. Plywood nailed over glass openings is just too ghetto. But Wallpaper for Windows has options that will fit any decorating style. the new Deco Spots design is perfect for everyone. Seriously, the Deco Spots design is Color-forms for grown-ups! (Google it, you big baby!)

With 12 great colors and each spot individually applied, you can mix or match to create your own unique look. Trust me, the dumpster view WILL get you in touch with your inner Picasso! If you’re not artsy, no problem! Copy one of the suggested design arrangements.

Dusty Rose on Kid's Bedroom Window

Once you realize how easy the Deco Spots go into place you can transform any glass.
Use as many or as few spots as you like. And with 3 different sizes, you can devise the right design shape to block out Winston Churchill’s jiggly business and still have light continue to come in to bathe you. The best news is that they’re removable. You can’t make a mistake…but you can add more if Winston’s towel shrinks!

A few strategically placed deco spots on the shower glass will give you back your dignity. Kids can barge in and they’ll never know you look more like Kathy Bates than Heidi Klum. And if you’re one of those goody-two-shoes who squeegees the shower as soon as your done, I hate you. But you’re also in luck, because the spots will stay in place until you decide to rearrange them!

So, spot up your slider so the dumpster disappears. Deco your door so the kids can’t see your stretch marks, and for heavens sake, wallpaper that window until Churchill sells his house to Mario Lopez!

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