Wallpaper for Windows seen in the TNT series “The Closer”

The TNT hit show “The Closer” featured Wallpaper For Windows ‘Pot Leaf’ design (privacy version) on the front windows of this Medical Marijuana dispensary that Brenda and the team were staking out.

This video snippet does a great job of showing how nice the privacy designs look from the inside and how subtle they are from the outside.

At the very beginning, check out the store window from the outside when the van is pulling up.   There are plenty of good views on the inside of the store.  Notice how the Lite Frost privacy background lets the leaf design ‘pop” off the glass with a crisp, clean look.

[stream flv=x:/www.wallpaperforwindows.com/flash/TheCloserHighCrimes.flv img=x:/www.wallpaperforwindows.com/flash/thecloserscreen.png embed=false share=false width=624 height=352 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

The Austin, Everleaf, Glass Block and Chateau also have the Lite Frost privacy background with a frost design.

This episode is called “High Crimes” and initially aired 12/13/2010 on the TNT network.