Medical Facilities Benefit from Decorative Window Film

Hospitals, medical clinics and other health facilities have to make the most of their spatial planning.  From functional issues such as the division between waiting and information areas, or delineating spaces like surgery rooms and ICUs to adding color to a bland environment, an economical product called Wallpaper for Windows™ is right for the job.


Invented in 1995 as an alternative to expensive decorative glass, this popular product has been featured in magazines such as Woman’s Day, Better Homes & Gardens, Walls, Windows & Floors as well as on television shows that have “Ask the Handyman” features.  But aside from the decorative features, Wallpaper for Windows™ has many benefits for medical facilities.

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Important Features and Energy-Saving Properties

Wallpaper for Windows™ will insulate, decorate and add privacy. For medical applications it is:

  • An easy and affordable way to add privacy to windows, glass doors and partitions
  • Smudge / fingerprint resistant and easy to clean
  • Will look perfect for many years in one place or can be used to resolve temporary needs.  This film can be applied and removed many, many times.
  • Not affected by steam or moisture.
  • A decorative solution for reducing excess sun and glare through exterior doors and windows
  • A great alterative to expensive glazing in emergency wards
  • Very functional window treatment for visiting rooms
  • Able to transform glass cabinet windows from see-thru to obscured

It is an eco-smart product that is phthalate free, containing none of the chemicals that cause endocrine disruption and cancer. It also meets commercial and residential fire and building codes, and adheres to California’s new Phthalate-free regulations.*

The eight-mil vinyl film is four times thicker than most window films.  With a very slow thermal transfer rate, the vinyl film basically acts as an insulator on the glass, reducing heat and providing energy-saving benefits while filtering out 95% of UV rays – protecting expensive carpet and furnishings from fading.

Design and Appearance

From functional frosted glass to designer glass that can add color and style to a bland environment, Wallpaper For Windows will add to the enjoyment of patients and employees.  They can give the illusion of more space while offering privacy—so important to medical patients. And Christian hospitals can use the religious-themed and “stained glass” films for solace in prayer sanctuaries.

Properties and Installation

Wallpaper for Windows™ is an adhesive-free static film that can easily be applied by staff or maintenance people.  “It is almost impossible not to have a nice result,” said Larry Cashion, company President.  “It is an easy, do-it-yourself product that adheres to glass much like a magnet to steel.  And Wallpaper For Windows™ remains adhered to the glass until its time to redecorate, then it can be removed easily.”

Design Ready

The frosted, etched and stained glass designs have special glass particles in them that reproduce the sparkle of decorative glass. The stained glass colors are rich and vibrant because of the special inks created just for the product.

Wallpaper for Windows™ comes in a variety of sizes to fit most windows, glass, and plexi-glass doors and partitions—any smooth non-porous surface—and Cashion says to contact him about any specific “special order” applications.