Have Your Window Film Trimmed to Size At the Factory

Wallpaper For Windows new “Trimmed to Size at the Factory” program, makes an easy do-it-yourself project even easier.  While trimming is fairly easy to do, it is the most time-consuming and stressful part of a window film project.  But when you have the film trimmed to size at the factory,  you can have the installation completed in less time than it takes to clear a work area to do the trimming.  When your Wallpaper For Windows arrives, you simply peel the pre-cut pieces from the backing paper and apply to the glass (with water).  In a matter of minutes your door and/or window will be finished and you will be enjoying a custom new look.

Having your film trimmed to size is almost a no-brainer.  You don’t have to worry about making a mistake while trimming, the installation is quicker and easier, and perfect cuts make for beautiful results.

Another benefit of the Trim to Size program is the “Right Size” feature.  If you order too much or a larger size than needed, your order will be “Right Sized” to what is needed and the difference refunded back to you.

We recommend the “Trimmed to Size at the Factory” program.

Trim to Size Window Film

13 thoughts on “Have Your Window Film Trimmed to Size At the Factory

  1. Robert Cooley says:

    Need a Privacy Vinyl one piece for a shower stall window (will get wet daily) with dimensions of 60″ tall by 72″ wide. Prefer a frosted vinyl that letas light in but no visibility from the outside looking in.

    Please email with price and how soon can I get it in Dallas, Texas (75249)

    • Design Team says:

      Hello Robert,

      Thank you for your interest in Wallpaper For Windows. Our product is perfect for your shower stall window. Steam, heat, nor moisture is a problem.

      The Frosted (max privacy, yet still lets in the natural defused light) comes in a 48” x 74” size. You will have to turn the product horizontally to fit the 72″ width of your window. At 48″ you will be short 12″, but you can seam the product side by side. You will need one, 48” x 74” @ $69.95 and one, 16” x 74” @ $29.95 to cover your window. If you’d like we can trim down the 16” piece to the 12” you need, the trim to size service is $6.50. We would of course send you the left over pieces. You can trim the 74” down to 72” once up on the glass to get the perfect fit.

      Both pieces of product, one trim to size, and shipping would total $111.40. We ship via Fed Ex, or UPS ground service. We are located in Florida, so to Texas it is 3 business days for delivery.

      Please call us at 800-320-8439 to place your order, or you can place it directly on our website http://www.wallpaperforwindows.com

      Best regards,

  2. travis says:

    like your new fish wallpaper, can it be made in a wider width? need 23.5 in. in width. going to lewistown, Mt. 59457

    • Design Team says:

      Hello Travis,

      Thank you for your interest in our “Big Fish Creek” centerpiece. Below is a pdf of the size measurements. It is produced at this size only.
      You didn’t mention the length measurement, but with your measurement of 23.5″ wide, if you center it there would only be 1.25″ clear glass on each side, and should look just fine.
      If you have any other questions or needs, please contact us directly 8:30am – 5:30pm, Mon – Fri.

      Best regards,
      http://www.Wallpaper For Windows.com

  3. Vicki Hogan says:

    I have a mirror in my classroom that is in two sections, directly beside each other. Each section measures 4 ft X 7 ft. Can you give me a quote for custom cutting that shows a charge for only the amount of film that I need, not the full 8 ft length quoted on your price list? Please include the charge for custom cutting. Also please include Union County North Carolina tax of .0675.
    Thank you! I am hopeful that this film will keep my students from being distracted by the mirror every day in class!

    • Design Team says:

      Hello Vicki,

      We would be happy to give you a quote, but need a little more information. Do you want a design or just plain frosted?
      The film is produced in different sheet sizes based on the design. You will need a 48″ wide size, but the length would be 86″ for a stained glass or Deco Tint color, or 96″ for most others.
      We could then trim the sheets down to your exact measurements.
      I will sent you a email directly on this, along with some suggestion. Wallpaper For Windows is the perfect solution for your class room!

      Best regards,

  4. Margaret forlong says:

    Hi there, I just love your product. I have tried several times without success to purchase online? Can you let me know if you can distribute to Ireland?

    Hope I hear from you soon


    • Design Team says:

      Hello Margi,

      Thank you for your kind words. We are happy to hear that you love our product.
      We have shipped to Ireland in the past, and would be happy to do so for you.
      We can ship via USPS Priority Mail International, but do not know what additional charges may be
      applied for taxes or duty when you pick up your parcel.
      If you’d like to place a order, or have more questions please send us a email at: customerservice@wallpaperforwindows.com
      or phone toll free 800-320-8493

      Best regards,
      Design Team

  5. nancy baldwin says:

    We have two sliding doors that have large mirrors on them. We want to cover the mirrors . Will your product work and can it be made in 42 inches wide and 91 1/2 inches tall.

  6. Design Team says:

    Hello Jlynn,

    Thank you for your interest in our product Wallpaper For Windows.
    It’s a vinyl film that is applied with water, and stays up by static adhesion.

    If the product won’t stay up, the fix is easy; turn it around it’s on backwards.
    The side that comes off the backing paper is the side that goes against the glass.

    We stand behind our product if you have an issue we’ll take care of it.

    If you have any questions, or need assistance please call us at 1-800-320-8439.
    Our office is open Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm EST.

    Best regards,
    Wallpaper For Windows

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