“Wallpaper For Windows” Customer’s Feedback

We’d like to thank all our customers that post on our Facebook wall or offer testimonials via RatePoint reviews.  Your feedback is invaluable to us.  Here’s a couple we’d like to share, and invite everyone to share your opinions or ideas with us.

“After researching the product, I decided I wanted to order, but when I started ordering, the cost to ship via UPS was too expensive, so I didn’t complete the order. I received a follow up email from customer service about not completing the order, and I explained that the shipping to Hawaii was too expensive for me. The customer service rep was extremely helpful and offered to ship via USPS to save money — and that’s what we did! That was SO helpful, and I’m so glad she had followed up with me and provided that option. The package came very quickly, and the product is all that is promised– even better. It was very easy to put on the window and looks beautiful. We had the factory cut it to size and it was worth the couple of extra dollars. The customer service rep even counseled me on what size sheet to order to be most cost effective — and after the custom cut sheets were made, they even threw in the left over piece and I’ve been able to make use of it! This is a great window covering and since my home is new I like knowing that there’s no adhesive on my window. It’s a nice clean look that provides privacy. And the customer service was top notch! Thanks!” Maui Girl

“I am a return customer and again am perfectly satisfied. Fast and courteous service and wonderful window treatments. In between my purchases from WFW, I did get another brand sold in a home improvement store. It was more costly, less convenient, harder to use and not nearly as nice-looking. This last time at WFW, I used the measure-cut service and was very impressed. Will use that again the next time- it is certainly worth the extra money.” Jane O.

This timeless look will transform the ordinary into an etched glass masterpiece.

“I was a little skeptical when I ordered the window wallpaper. I was actually surprised how easy it was to apply and the appearance when finished. Unless you knew it was applied after the fact, you would think it was the original glass. Would definitely use again.” Home Owner in Farmington.