Free Trim-To-Size On All Window Film Orders Over $45*

After beauty and quality, the trim-to-size / made-to-size service is our customers favorite feature of Wallpaper For Windows. And for a limited time our trim/made to size feature is available for FREE using coupon code: 4FreeTrim (orders over $45, shipping and taxes excluded).

Time savings, artwork resized as needed plus accurate cuts with centered and balanced results are the main reasons to use the trim/made-to-size service.

Demonstration of trim to size service.
Beautiful results and significant time savings.

When appropriate, designs are resized from stock sizes to the size of your window or door. Increasing the custom look and feel of the artwork.

The time saved is significant. Your order arrives ready to apply. No need to spend your time searching for a flat surface to do your measuring and cutting.  Nor spend the additional time actually cutting the film.  Making and trimming large door size pieces is what we do every day. For french & multi-pane windows and doors with 8, 12, 15, 30 or more panes that need to be cut, the accuracy and consistency of our machine cut pieces far exceeds anything cut by hand.

You have no worries about miss-cutting the film AND you get the benefit of our many years of decorating experience to create the best centered and balanced results.

Coupon Code: 4FreeTrim
Free Trim-to-size / Made-to-size service on all window film orders over $45
(shipping & taxes excluded, Expires 10/31/21. Custom sized/made orders cannot be returned.)