Doral Decorating 100,000 Glass Doors

The “Doral” etched glass window film design is now decorating and adding privacy to it’s 100,000th glass door according to EtchArt, LLC.

Doral decorating a storm door.
Doral decorating and adding privacy to a storm door.according to EtchArt, LLC.

Introduced in 1997, Doral is one of Wallpaper For Windows! original 4 designs.  Over the years, this design has been featured on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America‘ and in magazine articles from Better Homes & Gardens, Woman’s Day, Window Fashions and many others.

The Doral design was a best seller on QVC, the Sky Mall catalog, at Lowe’s, Ace, Sherwinn-Williams and hundreds of independent paint and decorating retailers.  Originally the Doral was only available in the 32×74 inch size and was primarily used for storm and sliding glass doors.

In 2010, an additional 10 sizes were added to the Doral family.  Now available in sizes from 24×48 inches, to 8×78 inches to as large as 48×96 inches (4×8 ft) and is used to decorate windows, 1-light french doors and the largest sliders.


Sliding glass doors decorated with the Doral etched glass design.
Gives sliding glass doors an elegant appearance.

Due to the additional sizes added to the Doral design (and all of our other designs), 2010 is also when we had to stop supplying most retailers and become primarily an internet retailer.

Stores could not reasonably be expected to stock so many sizes and designs and Wallpaper For Windows was preparing to introduce it’s made-to-size program.

One-light french doors with Doral etched glass design.
New sizes were introduced for windows and french doors.

Now you can order the Doral design (and many other designs) made to the size of your door or window.  Perfectly sized and balanced when it arrives from the factory, the film takes only minutes to apply and will look great for many years.