A Valentines Window Film Poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Wallpaper For Windows
is the window film for you.

Over 95 designs for
windows and glass doors.
Frosted and etched glass,
stained glass and more.

Easily add privacy
or see-through decor,
to windows, showers
and glass doors.

The film is vinyl
and adhesive-free.
Applies with water
and FREE squeegee.

We’ll print your
photos and art.
Or customize our
designs and art.

So that when
your film arrives,
it’s already been

Installation has
always been easy.
When made-to-size,
it’s easy, peasy.

As part of our Valentines Day celebration, we are offering FREE Trim-to-Size (or Made-to-Size) to all orders over $45.  Use coupon code: 4FREETRIM during checkout.

The employees of EtchArt, LLC and Wallpaper For Windows wish you a happy and merry Valentines Day.  A day to appreciate, friends, family, special relationships and even people you don’t know.

Be kind and good everyday and the world will quickly become a better place.


Roses are red,