Custom Doors, Windows & Shower Enclosures Are Easy, Affordable Decor

Here are some customer photos showing their custom Wallpaper For Windows window film.  EtchArt can easily produce custom decor for your home or office.  Check out these recent jobs we have produced; decorating a large window, a small window, custom laundry and pantry etched glass doors and a very cool shower door enclosure.

Walter Crane art converted to privacy window film decorating a large window.
Large windows are easily transformed into a decorative asset.

During parts of the day, this window gets so much sun it was uncomfortable to sit at the table.  The customer found this art work on at a quality that could be printed this size (approximately 42″x58″) and we produced it to the exact size of the window.  Heat has been noticeably reduced and a view of the fence replaced with a piece of art.

A beautiful sunset to decorate an odd-sized window.
Small Windows Can Be Beautiful








Transform small and oddly shaped windows easily with custom art or a Wallpaper For Windows design sized to fit.  Neither curtains nor blinds can decorate a window like this, but this customer used this

Frosted pantry door with privacy letters.
Custom frosted pantry door using privacy film for text.

picture that they had

Frosted glass custom laundry door with clear letters.
Frosted Glass with clear letters.

taken on vacation.   For $45, they changed a plain and unexciting window into a expensive looking custom window.

Custom Laundry and Pantry doors were popular last month.  The frosted Laundry door was produced so that the letters are clear (see-through).  The Pantry door is also frosted, but this customer did not want people to see into the pantry, so the letters are made of the lite frost privacy film.

Surf art transformed into shower door decor with Wallpaper For Windows.
Surf art decorating glass shower doors.

For this very cool set of shower doors, the customer knew exactly what she wanted and already had her artwork.  We designed it so that the artwork overlapped where the doors overlap.  Wallpaper For Windows has decorated many, many shower doors and enclosures over the years.  But for a bunch of Cocoa Beach, FL people, this has become our favorite.

If you have any questions or want more information, visit our Custom Printing page.
Film arrives already cut to size so installation is quick and hassle-free.