Jacuzzi Shower Commercial Uses Wallpaper For Windows

A friend told me he was watching TV and during a Jacuzzi shower commercial, one of the vignette bathroom windows had the same Wallpaper For Windows design he has on his bedroom window.  Once I heard that, I was on the lookout for the Jacuzzi shower commercial.

Decorate clear shower door.
Add privacy to shower doors.

It’s a very nice commercial and Jacuzzi has some beautiful showers (to Jacuzzi remodel website/commercial)

And about half-way through the video, there is a window decorated with our Allure privacy film design.

Steam and moisture do not affect Wallpaper For Windows.  Making it an excellent option for decorating, adding privacy to bathroom windows and shower doors.

Many of the shower doors have clear glass so you can see the beautiful tile and shower designs.  Makes perfect sense, right?

But when it’s your shower, you may want more privacy than clear glass provides.  Wallpaper For Windows is the easy, affordable way to add privacy to shower doors and windows.  Choose from frosted glass and 40+ privacy designs that recreate the look of stained glass, leaded glass, etched glass and specialty glass patterns.

Custom shower doors can be made using your artwork, photos, logos and high-quality images from the internet.

Surf art transformed into shower door decor with Wallpaper For Windows.
Surf art decorating glass shower doors.

Add privacy to shower enclosures with Big Bamboo privacy window film.