Frosted & Lite Frost Privacy Film – 54 inch Wide Now Available

For the last 20 years, 48 inches was as wide as Wallpaper For Windows could be manufactured.  Thanks to new technology and a sizeable investment by EtchArt, LLC., Wallpaper For Windows’s Frosted and Lite Frost privacy window films are now available in 54 inch widths.

Frosted film privacy on french door.
Add Frosted Privacy To Glass Doors.privacy film is now available in 54 inch widths.

Another benefit is all other privacy designs can now be produced up to 52 inches wide.

Custom prints can now be made up to 52 inches wide by 10 ft in length.

Frost or Lite Frost, Which should you use? Click for video

Trim-to-size and custom sizing is also available for the new products.  This is a great time and stress saver.  The film arrives ready to be applied.  Simply wet glass, peel film from backing paper and apply to glass.  A free squeegee / smoothing tool is included for removing excess water and air from under the film.

In less time than it would take to clear a space for trimming the film, you’ll be finished and enjoying your new decor.

Save time, have your french panes trimmed to size at the factory.