Trim To Size Has Digital Accuracy

Custom window film is a more accurate description of the Wallpaper For Windows trim-to-size service.  We resize the art to the size of your glass doors or windows before they are produced.

Demonstration of custom trim to size. Orleans design sized and cut into 6 identical pieces.
Digitally sized and cut into 6 identical pieces. Ready to be applied.

In December we added new digital cutting equipment to our production line.  The result is digital cutting accuracy of .001 inches per 8/ft sheet.

Not only does trim-to-size get better looking results, it’s a big time and stress saver.  While the actual cutting of the film is fairly easy, it takes your time to measure and mark the film before making the cuts.  And regardless of one’s experience level, there is a degree of stress when cutting the film.  Digital cutting is a much easier option.

Arch windows, octagon windows, french-paned windows and doors, big glass doors and windows are all perfectly cut to size.  Arriving at your home or office ready to be applied.

Film arrives ready to be applied.

Trim-to-size pricing is based on sheets of film being cut.  Whether you need one-piece or 20 pieces cut from that sheet, there is only one trim-to-size charge.

And through March 2023 we are offering Free trim-to-size on all orders over $45. (taxes & shipping excluded).  Use coupon code 4FreeTrim at checkout.