Decorating French-Pane Doors Is Now Easy

French or multi-pane doors are popular as both interior and exterior doors. While popular, adding privacy to these doors soon becomes a necessity for

Monterey Bay adding translucent privacy.

many. And a desire for a more decorative look than plain glass is had by many more, regardless of the need for privacy.

Decorating and adding privacy to the many glass panes has always been a time consuming process due to the time required to measure and cut 15-30 pieces of window film.

How tropical oasis arrives. Ready to apply.

Wallpaper For Windows has now made decorating and adding privacy to multi-pane doors (and windows) simple quick and easy.

Our Trim-to-size for french-pane doors and windows eliminates the most time consuming and stressful part of the project – measuring and cutting the film. Our new digital cutter will cut your film perfectly to size with patterns perfectly centered and balanced. Frost and Lite Frost are the most popular, but designs will also deliver a transformative look.

Here are 2 decorative privacy films cut for french panes still on the backing paper. The Tropical Oasis design for a single door and the Oasis leaded glass design cut for 2 doors. As you can see, it is very easy to know which piece of film goes with which pane of glass. Also notice how the films are cut with a 3/4″ space between the rows and columns to maintain the artworks flow.

Wallpaper For Windows films are adhesive-free and very easy to apply. Without having to measure and cut the film, the whole project is quickly and easily completed.

Trim-to-size is a service available for all Wallpaper For Windows designs. Purchase the film needed for your project and then select the trim-to-size

Customer photo of Tropical Oasis

service to have the film made to

Trimmed for 2 french pane doors.

size at the factory. When film arrives, it is ready to be applied to your glass.

Enjoy for many years.

Save time, have your french panes trimmed to size at the factory.